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Monkey Socks

Monkey Socks made from Fiber Lily’s Peppermint Latte Yarn

Well astute observers would notice that there has been a change of plan for this yarn. I was making Precious Metal socks, but I didn’t think the pattern stood out enough. I have moved onto Monkey Socks by Cookie A – it is a free pattern, but I purchased it via Ravelry (I believe designers should get paid).

As per usual, I am just using the pattern for the lace chart and doing my own thing for the actual sock construction.

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Precious Metal Socks

Precious Metal Socks – using Peppermint Latte yarn from Fiber Lily

I am a bit late getting into this one – I think the KAL has finished.

This was designed by Louise Tillbrook and she released a bit every week for four weeks. I had good intentions, but also wanted to finish my integrated socks. I will probably do heels and toes the way I like and just use the pattern for the pattern around the leg and on top of the foot.

This yarn is fabulous – Peppermint Latte from fiber lily. I have the Swish Sock base (85% merino and 15% Nylon).

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Integrated Socks – Finished

Integrated Socks are Finished

I finished the second sock. Yarn is from Dingo Dye Works (Desert Rose). It fits well, but I am not sure I would do a heel like this again (just because I am a creature of habit).

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Sock with Integrated Heel

Sock with Integrated Heel

I am always up for a new way of knitting top-down socks (not such a keen fan of toe up). Anyway, this one doesn’t have a heel flap (or at least one where you knit backwards and forwards). This is what the designer (
Ailbíona McLochlainn) says

The Integrated Heel looks and fits similarly to a traditional heel flap and gusset. The difference is in the process. Like the traditional sock heel, the Integrated Heel features a heel flap, a gusset, and a turned heel. Unlike the traditional sock heel, the Integrated Heel is worked almost entirely in the round. This eliminates the need to work the heel flap back-and-forth flat, and to later pick up stitches along its edges. 
The resulting benefits include: a gusset with more give (since you aren’t picking up stitches along a finished edge); fewer interruptions to workflow (which, in turn, speeds up the knitting process considerably); and excellent fit, with ample opportunity for heel-depth customisation.

I bought the pattern and used the ideas rather than the specific pattern to knit my sock. I liked it. I need to wear it a bit before deciding if it is my new go to heel type (and I still have a second sock to knit).

The yarn is from Dingo Dye Works – in the Desert Rose colourway. It’s beautiful and feels fabulous, so soft.

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Hansel Hap

Hansel Hap

This is my latest project (I am still working on my Braid Hills Cardigan and a pair of socks).

It is from the Shetland Hap Shawl class at Craftsy. It is a nice squishy garter stitch. I am using a 4ply patons baby dreamtime merino – machine washable and it comes in lots of shades.

I am currently working on the inner triangle section – I love how the yarn overs at the start have a lace-like effect (we are going to pick up along these edges).

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Field of Flowers Project Bag

Image of a black quilted zipper bag with white flowers embroidered on it.
Field of Flowers Project Bag

I made myself a new project bag – for my Hansel shawl.

The embroidery is from Urban Threads. I made embroideries for the front and back, then quilted each piece and then made a lined zipper bag.

I might have made it slightly too small – you can see it’s packed, but if it doesn’t work for this project it will work for other projects (maybe a cross stitch project)

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A Finish

Image of hand knit socks made from fiddlesticks yarn
First finish of 2019

I made these socks for a friend. It is my take on the Wildflowers and Honeycomb socks. I used the stitch pattern for the cuff, leg stitches and heel flap, but worked out my own numbers based on my gauge and did a wedge toe.

The yarn is Fiddlesticks socks bamboo (a mix of merina, bamboo and nylon).

They turned out well and they fit.

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This Thing of Paper – Karie Westerman

Cover image of this thing of paper
This Thing of Paper – Karie Westermann

I have had this book since it was published and the fact that it has taken this no long to read is no indication of its quality more a sign of my book piling.

This is from Karie’s website

This Thing of Paper is a knitting book that urges you to make stuff. Karie Westermann was inspired by her lifelong fascination with books and how all her favourite volumes all fit just so in her hands (much like her favourite pair of knitting needles!). Eleven knitting patterns explore the connections between books and knitting, while the accompanying essays take you from medieval monasteries to contemporary libraries.
What does it mean to be a maker? What do handmade things mean to us? Who do we become as we read and knit? All these questions and many more are discussed in a knitting book quite unlike others.
The book comes complete with the patterns written in Karie’s signature style, lush photography shot on location, and bespoke graphic design.

This is a fabulous book if you are interested in knitting, books, and the history of books. The essays are interesting and thought provoking and don’t take long to read. You could dip in and out of this book – just read an essay now and then. I read it from start to finish in a couple of sittings.

I am keen to have a go at a Hap shawl and thought I might attempt the Woodcut Shawl – although I am going to start with a simpler one first. I am doing the Shetland Hap Shawl class at Craftsy.

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Project Bag – Pi

Project Bag

The Pi embroidery is a design I bought from Urban Threads a while ago (maybe a year) with plans to make a project bag. Originally I planned black on white, but then I saw this embroidery and thought white on black was very effective (I have this design too – already stitched out).

I just made a simple lined draw string bag – Martha Stewart has a great video tutorial.

It is the perfect size for a sock project.

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A Sock Finished

One Finished Sock

I finished one sock – this is probably my best fitting sock.

Here are some of my notes

Above are the notes I made while I was working on it. I think I should be able to replicate it for the second sock.

The yarn is a Rhichard Deverieze and it is my take on the Hermione Everyday Sock.

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