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Progress on the Sampler Quilt

Just keep quilting, quilting, quilting ...

Just keep quilting, quilting, quilting …

I got my sewing machine out to zig-zag around some canvas (for my embroidery class) and thought I should make the most of the easy access and work on the sampler quilt.

I started to think about work flow and the best way of tackling things – at the moment I am cutting each piece of batting as I need it (same with the backing fabric). Should I cut everything at once? What is the best plan?

In a bit of a win I found the note I wrote myself about the sewing machine settings!

I must say this quilting as you go thing is working well – so far at least. I guess the joining together of the blocks might prove to be the stumbling block.


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Sampler Quilt

Another block is quilted

Another block is quilted

I am back to trying to finish my sampler quilt. I am trying to spend a bit of time on each of my three main crafts – knitting, canvas work and this.

I discovered today (in the manual) that my sewing maching has a setting for free motion quilting – how good is that? And it worked well.

I have never tried ‘quilt as you go‘ before and I am interested to see how it comes together. It has definitely been easier to pin the quilt sandwich together and to quilt the squares.

I have been thinking about my goals for next year and the big one is to finish my ongoing projects – this quilt was started in May of 2013! The other goal is ‘no more craft supplies!’ – always hard.


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Free Motion Machine Embroidery

I have signed up to do a free motion machine embroidery course at Craftsy.

I’m only up to Lesson Four (of eight), but I am very impressed. You can watch the videos whenever you want and then complete the home work in your own time.

I’ve already picked up some useful tips: You can just use over-locker thread as bobbin thread (must be cheaper than the special bobbin fill) and you can use non-woven interfacing as a stabiliser.

I haven’t got any pictures to show yet because my free-motion leaves a bit to be desired, but I’m definitely improving and I have learnt it is better to go slowly rather than super fast!

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Quilting Again

I’ve begun quiting this quilt – I’m free-motion quilting using a double heart pattern (it’s from Quilting Arts magazine June July 2011). See below

It’s coming together quite nicely, but I have trouble covering the quilt in a fluid direction (I have to stop and start).

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Dino Quilt is Finished

I finished my Dino Quilt. Above is the front and below is the back.

I free-motion quilted it using a stippling pattern. I found this to be quite tricky simply because of the size of the quilt, but in the end I’m pleased with the results. As always, I could do with more practice.

I tried a new binding technique. I remembered what happened last time and followed my own advice. I cut the binding strips 2 inches wide, attached them to the back first and then machine sewed them to the front.

Still not completely perfect, but I am happy with the results.

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The Quilting is Finished

I finished quilting the Dino Quilt – the above image is of the back. I stippled it, but I don’t think I pinned it enough – there seems to be a bit of shifting.

Onto binding and labelling.

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I’ve started quilting. I’m stippling this one. I’m finding it physically quite challenging – manipulating all of the fabric and then bits fall of the table and drag on the needle. It is still probably the best part of the quilting process.

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Another Baby Quilt

Another baby is on the way – due at the end of February (not me obviously!).

It is 30 charm squares and a white border. I bought the charm squares ages ago from the Fat Quarter Shop (sorry I can’t remember the name). Everything including the backing and wadding came from my stash (slightly embarrassing that I have so much stock piled).

I just quilted it using my swirly free motion quilting (see picture below).

This time I didn’t lower the feed dogs while doing free motion quilting. I read about it here and thought I would experiment. To be honest I can’t see that it made much difference – I won’t be dropping the feed dogs in future. I did change the stitch length to zero and everything seem to work as normal – there are a few places where my stitches are too big, but that will just get better with practice.

This quilt came together really quickly – about 5 hours so far and all I have left is the binding.

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Another Quilt Finished

I finished another quilt. It’s the same pattern as this One. This time I stipple quilted it …

It was much quicker to do than my normal swirly pattern.

I attached the binding to the back and then folded it to the front. The plan being that I would stitch close to the edge of the fold and it would look great and be much quicker than hand sewing. However, it was much harder to sew close to the edge in a straight line. Once again I ended up hiding my dodgy stitching with a decorative pattern!

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Quilt Finished

I finished my quilt – the photo is a bit strange because I laid the quilt on the floor. The pattern is from Two Little Banshees (she has a tutorial).

I just quilted it using a swirly free motion quilting pattern.

Here is the back …

I decided to try machine sewing the binding down (rather than hand sewing the back). My plan was to stitch in the ditch on the front and therefore catch the binding at the back. Good plan? Well it sounds good in theory, but the practice proved to be much harder. In the end I used a decorative stitch to ensure that all of the binding was caught at the back. However, I was happy with the end result. Next time I’m going to machine sew the binding to the back (the reverse of my usual practice) and then machine sew it to the front (as close I can to the fold).

I’ve just started another version of this quilt, but more of that later.

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