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Halloween Cat Cross Stitch

Halloween Cat Progress

I am still working on my Halloween Cat – progress is slow, but enjoyable.

I have been listening to An offer from a Gentleman by Julia Quinn (the Audible version) while stitching.

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Project Bag

Sock Knitting Project Bag

I have made a new project bag for my sock knitting. I wanted it to fit my knitting (obviously) and an A5 notebook. I also like the zip closure rather than a drawstring.

The machine embroidery design is from Urban Threads.

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Jane Austen Embroidery – Jennie Batchelor and Alison Larkin

Jane Austen Embroidery – Jennie Batchelor and Alison Arkin

This combines two of my favourite things – Jane Austen and Embroidery.

Jennie Batchelor writes about Jane Austen, textile history and The Lady’s Magazine. Alison Arkin designed the projects based on embroidery designs in The Lady’s Magazine.

It’s a beautiful book with lovely designs and illustrations. There are designs for all kinds of things; phone pouch, work bag, table cloth, cushion, clutch. My favourite is the design on an apron (I am not sure if I would ever make an apron, but I like the embroidery).

Work bag, Apron and Illustration

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Lace Stars

Lace Star – design from Urban Threads

These stars appealed to me – decorations, present toppers, etc.

Stitching the Star

I found two layers of water soluble stabiliser worked best (hooped perpendicular to each other).

I used the same thread as both my top thread and my bobbin thread.

I have slowed my machine down to 500 spm. I am not sure if that is necessary, but everything just seems to work a lot better. At this speed it does take 70 minutes, but there are no colour changes.

Red Star

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Making embroidered Fabric

Embroidering on Silk Dupion

I oiled my machine (a Janome 500e). I had been putting it off because it seemed a complicated business, but in the end it was fine. Just read the instructions and do one step at a time. And I am sure next time it will be even easier.

I was keen to use it after that. I have been wanting to make embroidered fabric – that I could then use on another project, so I decided now was the time. I used one motif from Graceful Embroidery (Dainty Vines collection) and I copied it and rotated it until I was happy with the layout (I used Embird).

Finished version

I am going to make a zipper pouch out of it – need to make fabric for the second side.

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Another Project Bag

Blustery Tree from Urban Threads

As I have a lot of projects on the go, I need a lot of bags to keep them in! So I am making another project bag. The embroidery design is from Urban Threads (Blustery Winter Tree).

I will quilt it like I did my ‘Field of Flowers‘ and put in a zip. It is slightly bigger than ‘The Field of Flowers’ bag because that one is a bit over-full with my Hansel knitting project.

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Field of Flowers Project Bag

Image of a black quilted zipper bag with white flowers embroidered on it.
Field of Flowers Project Bag

I made myself a new project bag – for my Hansel shawl.

The embroidery is from Urban Threads. I made embroideries for the front and back, then quilted each piece and then made a lined zipper bag.

I might have made it slightly too small – you can see it’s packed, but if it doesn’t work for this project it will work for other projects (maybe a cross stitch project)

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Samplers from the V&A Museum – Clare Brown and Jennifer Wearden

I have wanted to buy a copy of this book for ages, but could never find one.

And then I came across this one at Australian Needle Arts

I think it’s the same – just a reprint (this one was published in 2003).

I have long had an interest in textiles and I find samplers particularly fascinating. I wish there was more information on the girls who stitched the samplers – where they lived, their economic situation, did they get married, did they recent making a sampler?

These girls were so young – Mary Ann Body (it’s her sampler on the cover) was only 9!

I particularly like this one – dated 1792 where a word is clearly inserted.

Here you seen the ‘away has been added later – or they miscalculated how wide the text would be.


There is a great article here on these samplers.

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