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Christmas Card – Tree Applique

Another Christmas card. The design is from here.

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Christmas Cards

I’ve started thinking about Christmas.

I’ve decided to make some Christmas cards. These cards are quite labour intensive, so I shall be using purchased ones as well!

The above image is off my sewing machine stitching the christmas tree design, (Design is from here ).

Below is the finished card. I’ve simply sewn the fabric onto a piece of card stock.

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Party Bag Things


It’s Miss A’s birthday soon and I wanted to have something for her party bag that is not sugar or cheap plastic rubbish. I made these fabric covered button hair lackys. Very easy. I bought the self-covering button kits from Spot Light. The trick though was to find thin enough hair lackys to fit through the button shank.

It’s also an opportunity to use all of those tiny bits of fabric.

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Fairy Paper Craft

This is the only creative activity happening in my house at the moment…


Below is A’s version – we’re half way through waiting for the glue to dry so we can draw on the details.


The card is from 50 Rainy Day Activities. Even though it’s not raining, we’re housebound by the heat. We’re also watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by this film).

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