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Foundation Piecing Using Machine Embroidery

I’ve always enjoyed the accuracy of foundation piecing, but I don’t have the time to make the foundations. I decided to try to digitise an embroidery that I could use instead.

I do all of my digitising in Thred (it’s free!) and use Embird for converting and resizing.

HourGlass Design in Thred

The first colour stitches the foundation and then it is a matter of placing the fabric, stitching the next colour, flipping the fabric, placing the next piece of fabric, etc.

The final colour stitches the cutting line around the edge.

This design will stitch out a block 13.8 cm square (including 6mm seam allowances). I know this is a strange size, but it was the biggest I could fit into my hoop!

Here is what it looks like in fabric …

HourGlass Finished Version

I’m in the process of writing instructions and converting to different sewing machine formats. Leave a comment if you’re interested in a copy (free!).


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Turning Twenty

I’ve been working on my turning twenty quilt…

Turning Twenty Block One


Turning Twenty Block 2

I’ve cut all of the fabric, but only sewed two of the blocks.


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Turning Twenty

I’ve been ironing and cutting my fat quarters …

Turning20 Iron


Turning20 Cut

Of course I’ve already managed to cut one wrong. I’ve order a new fat quarter from here.

No word on my sewing machine…

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Another Log Cabin Post

I tried making the ‘logs’ on my log cabin block bigger…


I like it. I’m not sure about the arrangement of fabrics. The red in the middle is my favourite and I don’t think there is enough of it in the block.

I’ve been using my PCQuilt software to audition different arrangements…


or …


I like the above option the best, so I might sew a block and then see.

I’ve taken my sewing machine to the sewing machine hospital. We think it might need a new computer, but it’s still in warranty so that’s OK. It does mean I can’t sew out the above blocks for a while (I use my embroidery machine to do foundation piecing), but I have two other sewing machines, so I still be crafting.

I’m thinking about using my 20 fat quarters of Heather Bailey Freshcut fabric to make a turning twenty quilt.

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More Fabric

After reading about the fabric purchasing trip of Patchy Work of Mini Grey I though I too should take a trip to Textile Traders. Here is what I bought …

New Fabric

Some of it I bought just because I liked it – so no plans yet. The two fabrics on the right end I thought might be useful for quilt backs – they’re quite busy, so it would hide my somewhat dodgy quilting.

The floral on the left I love. A lot. I’m thinking about doing some kind of disappearing nine patch using the plains as well.

My sewing machine saga continues. I think its poor brain is fried. I’m going to take it back to the dealer tomorrow.

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Log Cabin Revisited

My sewing machine woes continues – it appears I’m the only person in the world with this problem. Luckily it’s still under warranty. I’m waiting for the people at Janome to do some testing to determine (I think) if the upgrade is a bit dodgy.

So I’ve been think about some of my unfinished projects – like this one. As it was very time consuming to piece this block, I decided to make each of the strips wider.

Log Cabin

Some of the stitching lines are showing – maybe I could use ‘rinse away’ thread because they’re just placement lines. Also I really need to press as I go, but this was just a quick one to get an idea of the design.

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Finished – well almost

I’ve bound the Alphabet Wall Hanging.


and the back…


and a close up of the binding…


I haven’t quite finished it yet. I need to put a label on the back. My embroidery sewing machine (Janome 350e) and I are having words. Ever since I did the firmware upgrade (to version 1.03) the letters have been stitching out wonky – little bits of letters missing. I can’t seem to find any information on what to do – is it possible to downgrade?

I wanted to make a card for one of my daughter’s friends and it was hopeless in the end I had to dig out my Janome 9000 and use that instead.

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Binding plus a sneak preview

I’m in the process of attaching the binding to the alphabet wall hanging quilt.


I can get the mitred corners at the front of the quilt to look great, but I’m hopeless at the back.

Here’s a peak at something I’m working on at the moment…


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Wall Hanging – Starching

I spent the little craft time I had today starching the fabric for the wall hanging binding.


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